About us

Vidyasalai (named by Bala Periyava), started in mid-2014. Vidyasalai's vision is to present Indian tradition, Heritage, Culture, and spiritualism related Books, Musics, and etc in digital form, and provide easy access to information about spiritual gatherings and programs (traditionally called Satsangs). Enabling seekers to have easy access to traditional information


With blessings from Sri Ramamana Maharshi and Sri Sankaracharys of Kanchi Mutt, Vidyasalai presents

- GRANTHAMS (eBooks on Spirituality)
- SATSANGS (Spiritual events around you)


GRANTHAMS is an online store, sells rare spiritual eBooks from unique publishers. Readers can buy books, using smart phones or web, and use our free iOS and Android apps to read them.

Vidyasalai also provide services to convert books into eBook format. Please contact us, in case if you feel we can serve you.


Using Vidyasalai’s web and mobile app, know what is (Spiritually) happening around you. Event organisers can post their events (related to spirituality) in our portal, for free. Using our free location based mobile app people can see what is happening around them. We humbly like to convey, that we consider Karnatic music, or any other form of music related God, also spiritual.

Our sincere namaskarams to Sri Bhagawan Nama Publications, West Mambalam, Chennai for their blessings and encouragements.