A Journey Through Holy Places (க்ஷேத்ராடனம்) eBook

Sri Sarma Sastrigal

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  • Publisher Sri Sarma Sastrigal
  • Edition eBook
  • Language English,Tamil
  • Book ID VSS001002SARMAS000035
  • Publish Date 01 / 09 / 2014
  • Original Authors Sri Sarma Sastrigal
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India - hamara Bharat mahaan - is a truly glorious nation in the domain of spirituality and religion. It has the dust from the feet of Gods, Rishis and very great Yogis and Gnanis. What is even more fortuitous for Indians living in this century is that quite a few of the punya kshetra-s - holy destinations - have still preserved their sanctity and spiritual magnificence.I consider myself very lucky in that I have been able to go to a number of these places and absorb every little bit of the spiritual aura in them. My natural instinct urges me to share with as many other Hindus as I can the happiness, the bliss I have been able to attain during all these pilgrimages. The book is the outcome of this urge of mine to write down all I have seen and experienced in six different punya kshetras.In this slim volume, both in English and Tamil (bilingual), I have covered Naimisaranyam, Gaya, Kasi, Triveni Sangamam, Hardwar and Rishikesh. Apart from talking about how I went and what I did at each of these places, I have tried to include the sthala puranam (legends about the place) and the significance of the kshetram as a pilgrimage centre. I have also included tips and advice on travel.I have attempted to capture and pass on the magic of each of these sthala-s to the reader. Of course the written word can only go some distance in describing spiritual experiences, but I will be happy if the book excites the interest of readers to undertake the travels themselves. I also hope that for people who are helpless and cannot travel, the book can serve as an effective alternative to actually seeing the place.

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