A.Devaraja Mudaliar

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  • Publisher Sri Ramanasramam
  • Edition eBook
  • Language English
  • Book ID VSS001002RAMNAS000009
  • Publish Date 01 / 01 / 1901
  • Original Authors Sri RamanaMaharshi
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About Book

I have been, for some time now, seriously considering that a book containing, within a small compass, all the most important of Bhagavan’s teachings would be a real desideratum, and if I seek to supply it in my own way, according to my light and to the best of my ability, the small service I thereby render may be of use to readers in general, and Bhagavan’s devotees in particular. It may even be acceptable to Bhagavan as His child’s efforts to do something good and useful. This is my only excuse for this book. - A. DEVARAJA MUDALIAR

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