Krishna: A Journey through the Lands & Legends of Krishna

Dev Prasad

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  • Publisher Jaico Publications
  • Edition Paperback
  • Language English
  • Book ID VSS001002jaicop000413
  • Publish Date 09 / 11 / 2010
  • Original Authors Dev Prasad
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About Book

Google Play App Store Lord Krishna is at once historical and mythological. He is the awesome architect of His age and the illuminating mentor whose discourse, the Bhagavad Gita, is regarded as a light unto all ages. The book Krishna: A Journey through the Lands & Legends of Krishna describes well known tourist places and narrates the famous legends associated with them. It also presents places that may not be known to a common man but have witnessed the glorious pastimes of Lord Krishna and associated legends. It is an innovative book that has a happy blending of a travelogue with mythological reminiscences.

The centres visited are placed in a setting which gives them a tinge of human emotions; brick and marble speak to the visitor and tell stories. The past and the present mingle, and the visit becomes a memorable experience.

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